Monday, January 21, 2013

Learning, Growing & Figuring It All Out!

I am well into my 2nd year as a library media specialist and each day I learn something new and  realize how much there is still to learn. On a constant quest to be a little bit more knowledgeable each day,  I have relied a lot on Twitter.  Through this tool, I have discovered books, tools, and  techniques that help me be a better librarian.  I have also "met" people who have offered advice and feedback that are important in order to grow. And in November, I was even asked to write a guest blog for The Nerdy Book Club, which was huge to me because many of the people I learn the most from on Twitter are part of The Nerdy Book Club!!

It is funny to look back over the last year and a half, and think about how often I felt like there was so much I didn't know, almost an unwritten code that I wasn't privy to.  Honestly, there are still hashtags I don't understand, ways to post that I'm unclear on, and great people I'm not following yet, but the learning that takes place every time I open Twitter is invaluable.  And I feel in awe of the people who seem to read 100's of books (even before they are able to be bought!), post about the books in their blogs, and then Tweet so effortlessly!

I have also been envious of the people in my PLN that were reading books before they were even able to be purchased!  HOW were they getting these books??  Part of that unknown area for me... And then I went to my first library conference, TLA last April.  WOW!  So many great sessions and so many treats to be had!  I discovered ARCs, and grew muscles over those three days of visiting the exhibit hall and dragging bags of books around!  I didn't even realize at the time the treasures I had, and the gifts I could share with my readers back at school!  But, TLA only comes around once a year...

Even though I have access to many books in my school library that I have yet to read,  there is still that desire to get the next book in a series as soon as you can, even before you can buy it!  Recently, that book was The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen.  Thanks to my librarian friend, Nitza, I had read, The False Prince, the first book in this series, last fall and could not wait until the next book came out.  People started talking about it on Twitter about a month ago, and I was so anxious to get my hands on the book.   THEN I  found out about from my Twitter friends!  For readers who blog, review and share with others, you can request ARC ebooks!  AND The Runaway King was one you could request! I couldn't believe my luck!! I submitted my information and requested books I was interested in, and amazingly enough, I was approved for The Runaway King as well as a couple other books that were all abuzz on Twitter!  I felt like I was now in on the secret!!  Thanks to my Twitter PLN, I get a little more knowledgeable each day!

I can't wait to share with you how FABULOUS The Runaway King is, but that is a post all on its own!

Happy Learning, Growing & Reading!!

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