Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interrupting Chicken

Stein, D. (2010). Interrupting chicken. Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.
This book has been on the New York Times Bestseller for Children's List as well as being a Caldecott Honor Book.

What a great read-aloud for young children!  This is a thoroughly enjoyable book for both the reader and the listener.  Here a father is reading bedtime stories to his young chicken and the little one enjoys the stories so much that she jumps in and "saves" the main character in each story.  Obviously the little chicken has heard these stories many times and knows just exactly how each will end.  Knowing this, she can hardly sit still and let something bad happen to them. This, of course, brings each story to an abrupt end, leaving Papa to have to find another story. Stein does a marvelous job with the illustrations and even puts the little chicken into the bedtime stories Papa is reading.  The illustrations definitely add to the story!  I loved the page where you can see how exasperated Papa is with his little chicken who has now interrupted every story he has told and is no closer to sleep. Finally, Papa gives up and lets the little chicken take over. 

This book makes me wish I had a young one at home to read this to!

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