Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed

Chodos-Irvine, M. (2003). Ella Sarah gets dressed. San Diego: Harcourt, Inc.
This book is a 2004 Caldecott Honor book.

Ella Sarah is a determined little girl, and in this book she is determined to dress herself, regardless of what her family thinks.  She knew exactly what outfit she wanted to wear and each member of her family gently tries to guide her in a different direction, suggesting alternate outfits.  You see, the problem is, Ella Sarah has selected a very creative, albeit mismatched outfit for the day.  As her family tries to talk her out of her special outfit, you can see, through the wonderful illustrations, that she is beginning to lose her patience with them.  Ella Sarah finally goes into her room and puts on her polka dotted pants, floral dress, striped socks, yellow shoes, and her red hat and is very pleased with how she looks.  Then you find out why she was so determined to wear this outfit...she is having a tea party with her similarly dressed friends!

Very cute story and so true of many strong-willed young children!  The illustrations were so bright and cheerful and really added to the story.  I think this would be a wonderful book to share with K-2 students and even more fun when you realize you have an "Ella Sarah" in your family or classroom!

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